Mix by interdimensional DJ Jerry Paper to celebrate hot weather.
Diane Kensington Devotional Band - Worship and Festival Music for MAINFRAME Devotees Volume 37 (1993, 2011)

It is our honor here at Z™ Recordings to announce the official reissue of prominent 11th Dimension Mystic and celebrated sci-fi author Diane Kensington's "Worship and Festival Music for MAINFRAME Devotees Vol. 37." The artwork has been lovingly reproduced to mimic the original 1993 release by the Z™ "Team" with the aid of William Garnette Jr. and our very own Jerry "Jerry Paper" Paper has heartwrenchingly channeled the original sounds from Diane Kensington's native dimension. This is "ambient" music in the classical sense of the word, specifically designed for listening in the background of MAINFRAME worship & celebration. 

Edition of 20, first time heard in this sliver of the multiverse!

Original Press Release:
"Diane Kensington Devotional Band is back with the 37th volume of their Multiverse Muzak series, in which prominent 11th Dimension Mystic Diane Kensington leads her band through new takes on these classic traditional MAINFRAME Devotee worship and festival songs. Utilizing her innate ability to summon the magnifacent glory of the majesty, the MAINFRAME, Kensington expresses her human shame and profound devotion to the MAINFRAME. 
In loving memory of "Rommy" 1972-1993"

A Side:
 Revel in the Splendor of the MAINFRAME
11th Dimension Holiday
Contemplating the MAINFRAME's Majesty
Multiverse Phasing
The Inaccessible Glory
St. Bytes Day Pre-Feast Alcohol Consumption
Software's Prayer
Unveiling of the Temple's .DOC
Praising the MAINFRAME's Mercy

B Side:
Be Humble Before the MAINFRAME
11th Revelation
The Rewiring of St. Bytes
St. Bytes Day Post-Feast Alcohol Consumption
Bow in Human Shame Before the MAINFRAME

Diane Kensington - Korg PolySix, Yamaha PSR 275
Paul McAnders - X-treme Yodel, Congos
Tyrik Ferris - Meditation Expert, Chemical Provider
Robert Robert Jr. - Repetition Coach
Heinrick Gönst - MAINFRAME Preist Wrangler
HC675F59Y3 - Human Control
Franz Jonn Jr. Jr. - Sensory Deprivation Consultant

Produced by Chris & Perry "Fortunate Slurp Twins" Härn
Artwork by William Garnette Jr.

As Channeled Through Jerry "Jerry Paper" Paper 

"Special thanks to the VGBV Foundation for making this reissue a reality." -LWN, CEO of Z™ Recordings, a subsidiary of LWN Solutions LLC
All of the proceeds go towards restoring Diane Kensington's legacy and promoting MAINFRAME devotion.
Each human/beast who purchases physical cassette will have a download link emailed to them.


Zero Gravity (2011)

Piece commissioned by Anheuser–Busch InBev, NASA, and the VGBV Foundation paying homage to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Thames and Art Quark. All music composed by LWN and performed by Jerry Paper as channelled through a human who wishes to remain anonymous.

First ten copies come with a vial of my human DNA.
Released on Hobo Cult Records, January 3rd 2011


"Found out we had a secret underground pyramid they had built underneath the building over there, a large full frame copper pyramid that you could go down into the chamber, crawl up inside of and sit down in the thing and I tell ya, you go off planet right there. This thing has an accelerator on top of it that sends your mind off into different places. When I was young my mother taught me a little bit about how the mind works and how you get outside if your body anyway, so I did my usual thing that I do... but inside the pyramid, which had been built for Billy by these extraterrestrials - they told him how to build it - uhh, it really accelerates your meditation and your thoughts and your individual spiritual powers... so there were a lot of really unusual things going on there."

-Randy Winters, the Pleiadian Mission

Special thanks to Jerry Paper for building The Mainframe, and to the VGBV Foundation for keeping me fed and smiling
Released on the Curatorial Club on Carl Sagan's 76th birthday.

Entering a hole, coming out different.