"Found out we had a secret underground pyramid they had built underneath the building over there, a large full frame copper pyramid that you could go down into the chamber, crawl up inside of and sit down in the thing and I tell ya, you go off planet right there. This thing has an accelerator on top of it that sends your mind off into different places. When I was young my mother taught me a little bit about how the mind works and how you get outside if your body anyway, so I did my usual thing that I do... but inside the pyramid, which had been built for Billy by these extraterrestrials - they told him how to build it - uhh, it really accelerates your meditation and your thoughts and your individual spiritual powers... so there were a lot of really unusual things going on there."

-Randy Winters, the Pleiadian Mission

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Released on the Curatorial Club on Carl Sagan's 76th birthday.